Share your stair sesh and WIN!

We want to see YOU on the stairs! Over $2000 in prizes up for grabs. Winner selected weekly. We’re now officially into Stomp season and we know you’re out there hitting the stairs to get yourself Stomp ready. Share your training session with us (videos are awesome, photos are great too) for your chance to win a ... More

Win a Stadium Stomp training session with Shannan Ponton

Heads up Sydney! Win a training session with celebrity Personal Trainer, Shannan Ponton Sydney! This is your chance to win a Personal Training session with one of Australia's most recognised PT's, Shannan Ponton. The prize is exclusive to Stadium Stomp SCG, so if you live in Sydney this is your chance to secure a 45 ... More

Stay with us at the Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square

Exclusive 15% OFF best available online rate for Stompers! Overlooking the Anzac Square memorial gardens and directly opposite Central Railway Station in Brisbane’s CBD, Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square features spacious serviced apartments in the heart of the city. The serviced apartment style hotel is ... More

Enjoy all that Sydney has to offer with Adina Apartments Hotel Surry Hills

Exclusive 15% OFF best available online rate for Stompers! Adina Apartment Hotel Surry Hills has a lot to offer, there’s no shortage of wonderful bars, beautiful boutiques and creative spaces nearby, giving you everything you need for a taste of the good life. More importantly it is located only 1.4km from the ... More

Stomp ‘n’ stay with Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury

Exclusive 15% OFF best available online rate for Stompers! The beautifully restored Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury is centrally located in the city’s vibrant CBD, standing proud as a perfect example of Adelaide’s architectural beauty. A step outside the front door and you're just 1.5km away from ... More

Wake up with Pullman Melbourne on the Park

Pullman Melbourne on the Park is right where you’d expect it to be: on the threshold of Melbourne’s dining, sports and cultural precincts – and more importantly, across the road from the action on event day. The 1887 Cliveden Mansion once occupied this site and its spirit adds a dash of history to this landmark ... More

7 things about stair climbing that may surprise you!

1. The ultimate calorie burner Research currently has stair climbing in the No. #1 spot for calories burned beating running, swimming, cycling and walking*. In fact stair climbing burns 23% more calories than running, 250% more than swimming, 63% more than bicycling and 400% more than walking at 3.22 km/h. We love these ... More

Why runners need stairs

If you run, you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. These are the golden words of John Brigham. Running always keeps your endorphins at their peak, which perks you up so you feel energetic, active and happier.  While running may improve your cardiovascular fitness, build strong bones, strengthen your ... More

Making your workplace a healthier one.

Did you know sedentary behaviour or inactivity is one of the most significant contributors to the global burden of disease? Time spent sitting each day, is considered a risk factor for health with studies linking inactivity to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, increased chances of dementia, ... More

Stadium Stomp MCG HIIT

HIIT fans embrace Stadium Stomp

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT in it’s abbreviated form, is the “it” thing in fitness circles at the moment and with a big presence of HIIT clubs signing up to Stadium Stomp, we’d thought we take a look at why HIIT is “IT” and why we think Stadium Stomp is resonating with this ... More