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  • Full Course

    5,000 stairs (12 yrs +)

    The estimated number of steps for the full course is approximately 5,000 stairs (up and down) and will take anywhere from 35 minutes up to 1.5+ hours to complete depending on your fitness level. 

  • Stomp Unlimited

    Unlimited stairs (12 yrs +)

    Stomp your way around the full course as many times as you dare from the first wave time until the last. This category is not for the faint hearted and numbers are strictly limited. You will be required to finish the course in full and head back to the start line to commence your subsequent laps. 

  • Junior Course

    600 stairs (5-11 yrs) Must stomp with a registered adult in this wave

    We’ve set aside our last wave time for little stompers wanting to stomp with their parent(s) or guardian. We encourage health, fitness and movement in youngsters and think our half course is just perfect for this. This course utilises the longer, shallower stairs of the lower level and is considerably easier than the full course making it ideal for a junior wanting to give stair climbing a go! Each junior must be accompanied by an Adult and 1 adult can accompany up to 4 Juniors. 

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