Teams and Corporates

From large corporate teams to gym groups to smaller teams of friends, we welcome you all to Stadium Stomp.

Setting up a team is easy. You can create a team when you register and choose at that point to pay for all your team members (or not). If you choose to pay up-front you’ll need to know how many are in your team and each member’s email address, otherwise your team members can register and pay as they join your team. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

How to set up a team:
Proceed with registration as if you were only registering yourself. After selecting your wave and inserting your details, you will be prompted with questions relating to team set up. This is where you can choose to pay for your team up front or simply create a team and have each person register on their own and join your team. If paying up-front, you’ll be asked to select a wave time for your members and to invite them to your team. Here is where you’ll need to know the team members’ email addresses. Proceed with the remaining registration questions and you’re done!

Posters and flyers:
We’re here to help you promote Stadium Stomp! We can provide you with posters and flyers in printed or electronic form to make recruiting team members easy. Download a poster via the links below, or if you’d like printed posters or flyers, send us a request using our contact form.


Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval Poster


Stadium Stomp SCG Poster


Stadium Stomp MCG Poster


Stadium Stomp Gabba Poster