Are you a Gym or PT? 

You can download a printable poster from this page to display at your establishment. Just click on the poster picture to download the PDF.

In addition to this you may like to share the Stadium Stomp Eden Park video on your website, blog and/or social media pages.

Other useful bits

Copy and paste the below into an email to recruit team members

Hi ___________,

I've registered a team to do Stadium Stomp Eden Park on Sunday 26 February, 2017.

Stadium Stomp is New Zealand's biggest stair climb, traversing up and down the bays of Eden Park. I'm talking THOUSANDS of stairs to really test us.  Come on, it will be fun!  I hope you can join me. Below is the information you'll need to register as part of my team:

Team Name:  insert team name

Team Password: insert team password

Wave time:  insert wave time chosen

Register here or to find out more go to

Click picture to download


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