Fundraise as part of your stomp

Make it count

Fundraising is optional for all our Stadium Stomp events but it is encouraged.  You can choose to make every step count and stomp for a charity. Our charity partner is the Leukaemia Foundation. We would love it if you supported this amazing charity as part of Stadium Stomp, but you are of course free to choose. 

If you'd like to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation via the Stadium Stomp donation page click here OR you can search for your friend's name and donate to their page - simply click on SPONSOR A STOMPER to begin.

Choosing a charity close to your heart

You are free to choose from the hundreds of charities listed with Go Fundraise. Simply follow the prompts at the end of the registration process or click on the START FUNDRAISING button on this page to set up fundraising.

Attracting donations to your fundraising page

Personalising your fundraising page (image) and explaining your reasons for fundraising or the journey you plan to undertake as part of fundraising will improve the likelihood that people will donate to your page. You also need to tell people about your page. Lucky for you GoFundraise have made this super easy via social media once your page is set up. You can also copy and paste the below in an email for donation support:

Hi <insert name>,

I've registered to participate in Stadium Stomp, the ultimate stair climbing challenge to raise money for my chosen charity <insert charity>. I'll be stomping my way around the thousands of stairs within the <insert venue> and would greatly appreciate your support via a donation, big or small, via my Fundraising page <insert URL link here>. Thank you in advance.

Donating to a specific stomper (and therefore a cause)

You can click on the "Sponsor a Stomper" button on this page. It helps to know the event the person you are donating to is stomping at as you will need to click on a location before finding your stomper to donate to. It's all very straight forward. Give it a try!

Sponsor a stomper button

Fundraise to make every step count

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