The ultimate stair climb

What is Stadium Stomp?

Stadium Stomp takes stair climbing and endurance events to a whole new level. We use the stairs within massive sporting stadiums and set you on a stair-climbing course up, down and around the bays in what is said to be the ultimate stair climbing challenge. 

Each stadium is unique and so the course length and number of stairs does vary between events. What we can say is that you'll be climbing thousands of stairs regardless of the event you choose. But don't worry, we'll have music playing to keep you motivated, you can take a rest at any one of the thousands of seats available and we'll offer you the chance to rehydrate at any number of water stations scattered throughout the course. Toilets will be available at these locations also.

Who can do this?

This event is open to all levels of fitness.  You'll get out of it what you put in. It's damn tough at a pace, scenic at a stroll, but best of all it's something you can do at your own pace because we don't time you. That goal is your own to set. 

This event is a must for those looking for their next unique fitness challenge. The event is open to people of 12 years and older.

Team or individual?

You can do either. Create a team (and become a team captain), join a team (that has been created by a team captain), or sign up as an individual. 

Please note: if you are a team captain you'll still need to join the team you've created before you are registered.  As many people as you like can join your team so long as you've shared with them your team password to join.

Registering to stomp

You'll be free to choose your preferred wave time when you register. Sold out wave times will be clearly labelled as having reached capacity. We can't hold spots for people so once a wave time is full, there is no space to place additional people. If you have your heart set on stomping with a team or a friend and doing it together, we recommend getting in early and booking your spots as soon as possible.

Stomp Unlimited  -  New in 2017

This is a strictly limited category that is not for the faint hearted. Stomp non-stop as many times as you dare from the first wave time until the last. You will be required to finish the course and head back to the start line to go again. No need to warm up on your subsequent laps just head straight for the start line and go again, and again...and again...Just don't forget to collect your medal on your last lap.

The Course

One thing you can be sure of is that each course will incorporate thousands of stairs.  Course options may vary according to the venue.  Please refer to your preferred event for full course information.

The Start

Wave times will start every 15 minutes. Within the wave, people will be released in smaller groups thus ensuring the stairs don’t become too congested. Marshalling for your wave will be called 15 minutes prior to your chosen wave time, where we'll do warm up activities to get your legs ready for the challenge ahead.

The Music

Stadium Stomp is set to music. You'll be climbing to high vibe popular tunes (new and old) professionally mixed by a DJ. 

Conditions of Entry

These may vary from venue to venue. Please refer to your preferred event for conditions of entry to the stadium.  Please note your bags may be searched before entry.  

Official Merchandise

You can pay for an official event t-shirt during the registration process, via our shop or (pending availability) at each event. We've sold out before though so if you really want one, grab it when you register. These will be for collection on the day and are not being posted.

Bib Collection

You'll be able to collect your event bib at a pre-collection time in the week prior to your event OR on the day at the registration area before your wave time.  Pre-event collection times will be posted on our Facebook event pages and also emailed to each registered participant as an option.

Need to know more?

Check out the event pages relating to your chosen event by clicking on your event with the Location Tab.

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