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Training for Stadium Stomp

In order to reach your full potential at this year's Stadium Stomp, we've enlisted the help of PT extraordinaire Shannan Ponton. He knows how to get people fit fast and we're sure you'll enjoy his 5 week training program to get you ready to take on a stadium full of stairs. 

Before each session Shannan recommends a 5 minute warm up of fast walking or light jogging followed by 5-7 minutes of stretching. This is also the time to focus and get your MIND ready to train so that you get the most out of your training sessions. Once the body (and mind) is warm you can follow his training recommendations which include 3 sessions a week. And don't worry! His training program has been written with all fitness levels in mind.

So get ready to train with an expert and take on Stadium Stomp knowing that Shannan's got your back!

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Quick tips for stair climbing training:

  • For all stair-climbing training try using a stair case with approximately 8-12 flights of stairs.
  • Avoid running down stairs for training, instead walk to minimise impact on your knees. 
  • Try to take two steps at a time when climbing for a more efficient climb. 
  • Use railing if it is available (doubles as a great arm workout).
  • Other useful training companions include rowing and bike riding.
  • Always seek the advice of a health-care professional before commencing any new fitness regime.


Get Stomp ready with Shannan Ponton

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